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Why should I use Medizym?
Proteolytic systemic oral enzyme formulas, like Medizym, have been used for years to normalize inflammation, promote healthy joints, encourage robust circulation, support immune function and promote healthy aging.

What is the main benefit of Medizym?
Medizym directly influences the immune system to normalize the inflammatory response throughout the body.

What are the signs of inflammation?
Pain commonly accompanies inflammation. Inflammation may cause external swelling or may exist internally with little or no external signs. Inflammation may also cause skin redness or a feeling of heat.

Can I take Medizym to help with swelling from surgical procedures?
Yes, Medizym is an excellent choice after surgical procedures and can be used in conjunction with various painkillers except aspirin. Studies have shown that PSOE's can reduce swelling (edema) when used pre and post-operatively, making it a natural choice even for dental procedures. Please consult your physician if you would like to take Medizym before surgery as it may thin the blood to present an increased risk of bleeding.

Is Medizym a good idea for sports injuries?
Yes, Medizym is proven beneficial for sports injuries because it combats excessive inflammation in tissue, joints and muscles to speed recovery time from sprains, strains and bruising.

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