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  • Medizym®
  • Immune and Inflammation Support*

    Enzymes, like those in Medizym, are involved in almost every metabolic process in the human body, including breathing, digestion, energy production, blood clotting, immune system function and tissue and wound repair. Medizym is a natural, drug-free formula used for immune and inflammation support.

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Enzymes, like those in Medizym, are involved in almost every metabolic process in the human body, including breathing, digestion, energy production, blood clotting, immune system function and tissue and wound repair. However, as we age, the body's enzyme levels become depleted and most people's diets no longer supply adequate enzymes.

Medizym provides true value and quality with its combination of bromelain, papain, pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin and the bioflavonaid rutin. Medizym is a natural, drug-free formula used for immune and inflammation support.

Experimental and clinical studies show that the specific systemic enzymes contained in Medizym work preventively to help the body maintain healthy immune system activity and low to normal inflammation levels, and support the body's natural tissue repair processes.

*Gluten-Free *Dairy-Free *No Soy Allergens
*Contains no artificial colors or preservatives

Back pain is gone. I am running everyday. thank you Medizym Review by Karen2010
Product of the world (Posted on 10/10/10)
A++++ Review by Jess77
I started taking for back pain last fall. It has really helped me. I take it every day. (Posted on 7/3/10)


Take three (3) tables, two(2) times daily, at least one hour before meals.


What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins necessary for every bodily function, from nerve impulses to hormone regulation. They renew depleted cells, change nutrients into energy and remove waste products. Without enzymes, even vitamins and minerals cannot perform their roles effectively.

What does enteric coated mean?

Medizym tablets are protected with an enteric coating, allowing the tablets to pass through the stomach to the intestines in their original, intact form where they are absorbed into the bloodstream to begin their work.

Why should I use Medizym®?

Proteolytic systemic oral enzyme formulas, just like Medizym, have been used for years to normalize inflammation, promote healthy joints, encourage robust circulation, support immune function and promote healthy aging.

What is the main benefit of Medizym?

Medizym directly influences the immune system to normalize the inflammatory response throughout the body.

What are the signs of inflammation?

Pain commonly accompanies inflammation. Inflammation may cause external swelling or may exist internally with little or no external signs. Inflammation may also cause skin redness or a feeling of heat.

Can I take Medizym to help with swelling from surgical procedures?

Yes, Medizym is an excellent choice after surgical procedures and can be used in conjunction with painkillers excluding aspirin. Studies have shown that systemic enzymes can reduce swelling (edema) when used pre and post-operatively, making it a natural choice even for dental procedures. Please consult your physician if you would like to take Medizym before surgery as it may thin the blood to present an increased risk of bleeding.

Is Medizym a good idea for sports injuries?

Yes, systemic enzymes are proven beneficial for sports injuries because they combat excessive inflammation in tissue, joints and muscles.

How does Medizym reach all parts of the body?

The enzymes bromelain, papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin are part of our nutrition. Normally, after ingestion, most of these enzymes would be disturbed in our stomach by acid environments and digestive enzymes. Proprietary technologies have made its possible for the enzymes from Medizym to survive in the highly purified form needed to benefit organs and tissue. Once stabilized in tablet form, the enzymes must be protected with an acid-stable film to withstand the gastric juices of the stomach, so that they can enter the upper intestine in a biologically active form where they were adsorbed.

How much of the enzymes are absorbed?

We know that even at best right now only five to ten percent of the ingested enzymes from Medizym reach the blood by persorption. That means that enzyme molecules pass the cell and between the cells to enter into the blood stream.

What are the side effects of Medizym?

Some people react with heavy gas formations and diarrhea. In this case, the dose should be initially reduced. Noticeable is also the altered scent of the defecation. A further, often observed and surely very positive side effect is an advance in the general well being. In principle, use of Medizym has no side effects; after all, the enzymes from Medizym are parts of our nourishment. There are, in fact, a few exceptions:

    * Individuals who are allergic to pineapples should not take Medizym because it contains bromelain which is derived from pineapples.

    * People who take blood thinners should consult their physician.

    * Hemophiliacs should not take Medizym.

    * Patients with pulmonary emphysema should not take Medizym.

    * Patients with thrombocytopenia (< 80,000) should not take Medizym.

    * Before surgery such as hip or gynecological surgeries, consult with your doctor before taking Medizym.



Systemic Enzymes
Dr. Marcus Laux speaks to Michelle Harris on why systemic enzymes are so important for immune system activity and to support low to normal inflammation levels.

Customer Testimonials

Results may not be typical. Individual results may vary.

“A year and a half ago I had a mild heart attack. I would have never thought it would have come from an abscessed tooth. As a child I had rheumatic fever. I didn't realize it at the time that I was headed for a long battle for my life. I have C2 Deficit Lupus which causes an immune system issue. I also had rheumatic fever (Valvular heart disease) which flared up so intensely that it went into the brain. If this was not enough, I also have fibromyalgia which is enough pain to send most people to bed forever on pain meds. Not me, I refuse to give in. Needless to say the inflammatory response sent my Lupus off the map and all the next two years were spent treating infection after infection with antibiotics which threw my body completely out of balance. I have treated lupus with nutrition and supplements for years, and have been very successful at keeping my health until now.”

“Allopathic doctors had my system completely confused for many years and it took a very long time with much pain staking effort to rectify the situation and to turn things back around. I certainly did not want to loose ground for all the effort that I had put into getting my health back, especially over an abscessed tooth. I have not taken an antibiotic for years and to take a constant repetitive cycle of them for two years destroyed the flora balance most necessary to stay healthy in my delicate balancing routine.”

“Enzymatic therapies are a must for me and I have tried so many. They work for a while and it seems as if I get used to them and have to switch, until I went to my chiropractor. I was desperate. Our bodies need enzymes to stay healthy. She had a handful of Medizym samples and was so kind as to give them to me to try. Within a week, I was so much better. I was in debilitating pain. In fact the pain was insane. I could hardly move. I was totally amazed at the results I had from this product. I have never had this type of response so fast from any other product before.”

“This is a must have for any one with any kind of inflammatory issue.”

Wendy Peters

Auburn, CA




"I have in the past used a more expensive systemic enzyme product to help heal a problem with a bulging disc in my lower back. The product definitely helped interrupt the inflammation/pain cycle.

More recently, I had a doctor give me a sample of an antibiotic and I took a dose. Almost immediately, I experienced adverse side effects. I then found out from my own research that the antibiotic was extremely potent and had a long list of undesirable side effects. However, it was too late. I had symptoms that were best described by fibromyalgia. Then I thought of the enzyme therapy I used for my back. I went back to the health food store and found out they now carried Medizym and that it was less expensive than the former brand I used. In a very short time of taking the Medizym, the pain was relieved.

I recommend Medizym highly.

Thank you, Medizym!"


Tammy H.

Knoxville, IA




"For almost 30 years, I've done more than 250 endurance events, including more than 85 marathons and 145 triathlons of Olympic distance or longer, as well as rough water swims and ultradistance runs. Being almost 50 years old, for the last decade or so I've really experienced joint discomfort. It's a constant battle to stay injury free. Recently, I was introduced to Medizym from Naturally Vitamins. I began taking the capsules and after about a week began to notice a significant reduction in my joint pain. I feel like I've got a new lease on my training life. I'm very excited to have discovered this fantastic nutritional supplement."

Mark Becker, Jarrow Formulas





“To Naturally Vitamins, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Medizym systemic enzymes. Having conducted a talk show on health, The Wide World of Health, for 20 years I appreciate when products are based on research and good science. Medizym is a state of the art formulation for anyone interested in improving their health and ability to function at a high level.”


“I have been an active exerciser for most of my life and I would not be without Medizym to help me recover and get the most out of my exercise regime. I also recognize how important it is to maintain good cardiovascular function and I appreciate how systemic enzymes help to achieve that.”


“Bottom line is that of all the products I have had the experts talk about, Medizym is at the top of the list and something I intend to use for the rest of my life. Thank you Naturally Vitamins, keep up the good work!”


Cary Nosler Host - The Wide World of Health

KSTE Talk Radio

Sacramento, California





“I had just passed thru the intersection, thinking 'what am I going to fix for dinner' as I got ready to turn into the driveway of the supermarket. The car ahead of me stopped to let out another car before it turned into the drive. In a flash as I looked into my rear view mirror, the car hit me from behind... I had felt my hands clench the steering wheel in preparation to be hit as there was no where for me to go. Luckily, no life threatening injuries, but I knew after that intense muscle contracting to brace myself, I would feel it tomorrow, like they say... you feel like you've been hit by a train.”


“I went home and took a handful of Medizym. I have to say, I was amazed, and told everyone, I felt great the next day. I had no soreness in ANY part of my body, I had expected at least some soreness in my arms, or neck, but none! So, I tell everyone who ever complains of aches or strains, take Medizym, because it works!"


Anita Baca




“I recently tried the product Medizym because I had a sprained wrist. Within 2 weeks on Medizym, I had better function with my wrist, more flexibility and less pain. Being a competitive bodybuilder, I needed a product that could enable me to stay in the gym and keep healthy joints along the way, Medizym is this product.”


Mike Patino