The nutraceutical industry offers natural products for sexual stamina and vitality without side effects. The long-term risks associated with taking pharmaceuticals for anything from a simple headache to sexual function are becoming more apparent to many consumers.

Increasing numbers of consumers are turning to non-drug solutions. In fact, worldwide sales of U.S. manufactured nutraceuticals (environmental biotechnology products) is estimated at $103 million and expected to grow 8% per year.*

The term “nutraceuticals” is derived from “nutrition” and “pharmaceuticals”, referring to medicinally active substances extracted from plants and animals. Although taking vitamins and minerals help people meet dietary requirements, scientifically-supported nutraceuticals can provide health benefits beyond good nutrition,” said Joe Lehmann, CEO of Arizona-based Marlyn Nutraceuticals and former pharmaceutical chemist.

The power of watermelon reaches way beyond summer picnics when watermelon meets innovative nutraceutical manufacturers. Citrulline, an amino acid which can be found in watermelons, can initiate a natural reaction in the body to dilate blood vessels and increase circulation, vital for sexual stamina in men and women*.

Stimulin® is the only libido supplement with citrulline. It works by increasing nitric oxide levels to enhance stamina and stimulate blood flow where it is needed in the pelvic floor. In addition to supporting sexual function, Stimulin increases overall circulation to support vascular health*.

Nutraceuticals like Stimulin represent a shift in modern healthcare, fueled in part by consumers who are leery of conventional approaches. Modern healthcare can continue to evolve as a growing body of research validates the role of nutraceuticals for sexual health as well as overall wellness.

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