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Researchers have found that having high antibodies to chlamydia pneumoniae predispose people to a second heart attack. Dr. Sandeep Gupta, of St. George's Hospital, London reported that in his patients, when there was evidence of chlamydia, heart problems quadrupled over an eighteen month period. The British researcher has found that antibiotics seemed to reduce the incidence of recurrent heart attacks - a three day course of azithromycin, certainly deserving of further study.

Floss Your Teeth or Die of Heart Disease!

Do you floss your teeth as often as you should? You might want to be sure you do-especially after learning about this third troublemaker, Porphyomonas gingivitis.

This bacterial agent is known largely responsible for its role in causing gum disease, but recent data involving its relationship to heart disease deserves attention. Dr. Raul Garcia of the Boston Veteran's Hospital, as part of the Normative Aging Study, reviewed the cumulative twenty-five year data on over one thousand men. The men with terrible gum disease had twice the incidence of heart attacks compared to healthy peers. Their stroke rate was three times as high. At the scene of the crime was crime was Porphyomonas gingivitis.

Why might oral systemic enzymes be helpful here?

The science behind enzymes is substantial, especially in relationship to their role as biological response modifiers; enzymes enhance the healing response. But you ask, "What do enzymes do? Why do they work? In simple terms, they help cell signaling, assisting cells in knowing what to do and when. The immune system is complicated, but we know a lot, especially in regards to how enzymes speed up healing and prevent edema and scarring processes.

Are you interested in doing what you can to help reduce chronic inflammation as it relates to the heart disease? Of course you are. Defend Your Heart with Systemic Oral Enzymes!

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