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The Beauty of Rutin Is More Than Skin Deep
A youthful complexion is the outer reflection of inner health. Regardless of age, soft, clear, skin mirrors inner vitality while dull, scaly skin can be a red flag signaling any number of deadly diseases...
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Inflammation, C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and Your Health
Inflammation presages many a chronic disease. When inflammation persists, the immune system produces c-reactive protein (CRP)...
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Understanding Lupus
It was not too long ago that diagnosis of lupus was considered life-threatening. After months of joint pain, fatigue and rash, the shock of this verdict was devastating. The good news is that lupus is now manageable. Lifestyle changes and intervention therapies have made living with lupus less of a struggle and, in many cases, lives have been extended...
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Systemic Enzymes Promote Heart Health Among Women
In 2005, a landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine refocused the issue of women’s heart health. The ten-year study definitively showed that aspirin does not protect women against heart attacks...
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