Histame Testimonials

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans have already been helped with the Diamine Oxidase ingredient in Histame

Already available and sought after throughout Europe, Naturally Vitamins’ new dietary ingredient (NDI), the Diamine Oxidase (DAO) enzyme, was acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration in 2008. This breakthrough achievement offers hope to millions of Americans who suffer from histamine food intolerance.

Results may not be typical. Individual results may vary.

Customer Testimonial

I wanted to send along my affirmation on the integrity of your product "Histame" and the beneficial effects it has had on my symptoms. I couldn't remember the last time I had enjoyed a meal without my nose running, before trying your product. The headaches have subsided, along with a few other symptoms. I thought it was "just me" and that I had to put up with the negative effects of histamine rich foods, as part of life. Suffice to say," It was a long time coming"!

p.s. I have also recommen ded this to other family & friends, as over the years I have heard the same symptoms that had plagued me, were problematic for them also.

Maurice Fadalti
Ontario, Canada

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Medizym Testimonials

Medizym® is a proteolytic systemic oral enzyme product from Naturally Vitamins, America's #1 manufacturer of systemic enzymes. Naturally Vitamins also manufactures Rutozym for heart health, and Fibrozym for tissue health and has been making enzyme products for years.

We encourage you, our customer, to CLICK HERE and provide your own testimonial for how Medizym, or any of Naturally's systemic enzyme products have helped you.

Results may not be typical. Individual results may vary.

Customer Testimonial

"A year and a half ago I had a mild heart attack. I would have never thought it would have come from an abscessed tooth. As a child I had rheumatic fever. I didn't realize it at the time that I was headed for a long battle for my life. I have C2 Deficit Lupus which causes an immune system issue. I also had rheumatic fever (Valvular heart disease) which flared up so intensely that it went into the brain. If this was not enough, I also have fibromyalgia which is enough pain to send most people to bed forever on pain meds. Not me, I refuse to give in. Needless to say the inflammatory response sent my Lupus off the map and all the next two years were spent treating infection after infection with antibiotics which threw my body completely out of balance. I have treated lupus with nutrition and supplements for years, and have been very successful at keeping my health until now."

"Allopathic doctors had my system completely confused for many years and it took a very long time with much pain staking effort to rectify the situation and to turn things back around. I certainly did not want to loose ground for all the effort that I had put into getting my health back, especially over an abscessed tooth. I have not taken an antibiotic for years and to take a constant repetitive cycle of them for two years destroyed the flora balance most necessary to stay healthy in my delicate balancing routine."

"Enzymatic therapies are a must for me and I have tried so many. They work for a while and it seems as if I get used to them and have to switch, until I went to my chiropractor. I was desperate. Our bodies need enzymes to stay healthy. She had a handful of Medizym samples and was so kind as to give them to me to try. Within a week, I was so much better. I was in debilitating pain. In fact the pain was insane. I could hardly move. I was totally amazed at the results I had from this product. I have never had this type of response so fast from any other product before."

"This is a must have for any one with any kind of inflammatory issue."

Wendy Peters
Auburn, CA

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