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Systemic enzymes, or proteolytic systemic oral enzymes, are involved in almost every metabolic process in the human body, especially helping the human body to maintain healthy inflammation and immune activity levels.

Many people use proteolytic systemic oral enzymes or PSOEs as non-drug all-natural and safe support to protect all organs of the body, including skin, kidneys, and liver, from scarring.

Enzymes help to maintain normal growth factor activities, too. When these activity levels rise, so do scarring and fibrosis. Studies show proteolytic systemic oral enzymes reduce levels of transforming growth factor-beta.

Benefits of PSOE's

More than 1000 experimental and clinical studies on proteolytic systemic oral enzymes show that they offer remarkable health benefits. Doctors around the world prescribe them to people who are seeking to support their freedom from inflammatory maladies, like arthritis. People take them to maintain a healthy heart, to protect their liver and kidneys from scarring, to keep their joints' inflammation low normal; to lower their risk for inflammation-linked conditions affecting the heart, kidneys, and liver. Women frequently use PSOEs to maintain healthy breasts since some conditions are mediated by inflammatory markers. Many more millions of people, including thousands of the world's greatest athletes use systemic enzymes for sports injuries and to support training, since they support normal rapid healing and less scarring. So their benefits are truly diverse and well supported by published studies.